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Starting off our July interviews we have Encoded's own Wayne Smart.

Wayne has been making quite a name for himself, not only as one of the label bosses for Encoded & Encoded NRG, but as a DJ playing for the massive production company, Frantic. Wayne's productions have been top notch, and most recently his track with Weazal, entitled Deluded, has been released on The Beat Ranch Hardware's Extended EP. Wayne has also had the opportunity to go in the studio with the likes of James Nardi, & the legendary, Dom Sweeton.

Now with out any further ado, Wayne Smart

Welcome Wayne, you are no stranger to The Beat Ranch as our latest release featured a collab with you and Weazal entitled Deluded. Can you give our readers a bit about where you are from and what the scene is like out there at the moment?

Hello Beat ranch thanks for having me. Am from Canvey Island, Essex. Thats about 15 minutes away from Southend. I think the scene has changed alot over the years. Things are just getting faster an harder which is good coz thats how i like it. Good to see alot of nights running as this country is in a big mess. But on a whole every 1 still loves going out raving and i can only see it getting better.

What started first for you clubbing or djing?

Clubbing and I still love it now, 12 years later. I remember going to my 1st rave in London at 17 called Freedon @ Bagleys and it was out of hand. A few years later one of my mates got a set of decks and said have a go, and from then on I was hooked, and never looked back.

Do you remember buying your first record?

Hell yea, you always remember your 1st don't ya, LOL, Hi-Gate - Pitchin

Do you have any records in your collection that you don't want anyone to know about??

Haha well I have a few. I've got some speed garage vinyls from 2000 when i liked it. Plus i have the odd Elvis e.p aswell.

What was your first gig like?

Yea it was really good. Was on 1 til 2 and got mentioned in a dance mag in southend called Sizzlin which was so good as being my 1st time playing out.

I hear you have playing alot for Frantic recently how has that been going?

Really well can't thank every 1 enough at frantic for giving me this chance. All started when i won a dj comp for hds and it has all come on from there. Having played at HHA, Timeless and have Convergence on the 3rd july which i can't wait for. So its going really well.

On the production front, you have had releases on The Beat Ranch, Digital Rehab and your own label Encoded, What have you been working on lately?

Been working on loads. I run Encoded with Scott Genetik and Encoded Nrg with Phatt Beats. Been very busy sorting out Encoded Nrg 1st cd which will be out very soon (Watch this space). Me and Beats have been in the studio and James Nardi and done a track call Drop it, then went in the studio with dom (Defective Audio) with a track call Death Warrant and both we be coming out on the Encoded Nrg cd.

How was it working with producers like James Nardi and Dom Sweeton?

Out of hand, Nardi and Dom are so good at what they do. And there sound is the best out there. To see how it all works and what goes into making a track is so good to watch. You tell them what you want in a track from start to finsh and there you have it. Just wish dom didn't live so far away since he moved but lucky to have nardi about an hours drive which is good.

Who would you like to work with on production in the future?

Umm thats a hard 1 as there are so many i'd love to work with. Think top of my list now would be Paul Maddox's, love what he is doing and have heard so much about how good he is at writing music, so be good to see how he does it. Also love to work with Dave Owens, Tom Parr, Darrell White, Paul Janes the list goes on

Your label Encoded has been releasing some kick ass tunes. What can people expect from Encoded in the coming months?

Haha thanks alot. Well loads are coming out on both side's. July 10 sees the next release on Encoded: Simon Qudos Raging Storm (James Nardi 91 Remix) Already heavily Supported by Rodi Style on his Slinky FM Radio Show and a key track in the sets of Nik Denton, This is something a little out of the ordinary from Mr Nardi. The entire track is written around a twisted groove-driven bline that slaps you in the face from the moment it enters the track. It really does need to be heard an innovative but punishing slab of peak time hard house. Then on July 17: Pero Feel the Pressure (Scott Genetik remix) Making a return to the production fold after a few months out with a new entrance in the family, Encoded label boss Scott Genetik takes onboard the Euphoric elements of Peros main room monster grinds out a pumped up peak time hard trancer.

So you also stated that you work with Phatt Beats on Encoded NRG, how is the label doing and what can we expect from it in the coming months?

We have Encoded Nrg cd vol 1 coming out over the next coming months with tracks by Defective Audio, James Nardi, Darrell White, Dave Curtis, Andy Rise, Weazal, Random but raw, Batten and Brow, Steve Hewitt plus myself and Phatt beats. Really can't wait for this just wanting on a couple of tracks to be finished then were gona get them printed up. Also we have another night happening this year on the 18th december with a Hi Oktane tour. Gonna be 1 mad xmas party.

What events are you looking forward to this year?

Well am looking forward to frantic's birthday @ koko on the 30th August and wait i really can't wait for is (HHA) Hard house academy on the 17th October. Hi Oktane on the 31st of july at hidden. Concept at the Colosseum on the 4th september. Plus my Birthday in december with concept. They are my main nights am really looking forward to.

When you are not out DJIng or producing what do you like to do for fun?

Haha loads of naughty things i can't say on here, LOL, Love watching Arsenal on tv, going out down the pub, kicking Weazal arse at pool online, really like going to the cinema as i love my films, shagging the misses, going down the sea front, shopping but hate when its really busy and you have loads of people in my way, going on holidays.

Any last words or shout outs?

Big shout out to all my mates and every 1 who have supported over the years. I love you all x

Click here for Wayne Smart's Exclusive Beat Ranch Mix

Click here for tracklisting

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