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Finishing off this month's interviews is A&E Digital's Neil C..Neil has been on the wheels of steel since he was only 16 years old. Anything from dirty electro to filthy hard house, Neil's awsome mixing behind the decks has landed him gigs all across the UK, including an upcoming gig at Sundissential Ultimate Classics Experience. Now without any further ado..

The Beat Ranch presents, Neil C

Welcome to The Beat Ranch Neil, thanks for taking the time out to do this interview and mix for us.

Hey guys, thats no problem at all glad to be a part of it.

You have been djing since you were only 16, what got you into the hard house scene, did you listen to any other form of electronic music prior?

Well......... once i grew out of All Saints and Kris Kross my attentions turned to Trance and Commercial Dance i.e. Ministry Of Sound Albums but thats all there was back then! I got into the hard house scene through a local club where they had top Trance dj's week in week out. Slowly the line ups were changing and hard house was being introduced and that was when i knew i loved hard house!

What sounds are taking over the club's speakers at the moment?

Over the past 12 months since seeing Marcel Woods play @ Tidy Weekender & Passion my musical tastes have slightly swayed in favour of the hard edged Tech Trance sound. This seems to be taking over the whole country and the world at the moment and i'm all for it!

Who or what have been your influences over the years?

My biggest influence was the music rather than a particular dj. I just couldn't get enough of it and what better way to listen to your favourite tracks than to mix them yourself? Once i moved from bedroom dj to a club, the feeling i had when i dropped an awesome tune and the crowd went mental became very VERY addictive! You cant re-create that feeling anywhere else.

Whats your current studio set up for all those interested.

I have just geeked myself up to the max and taken delivery of a swanky new Macbook Pro with a side order of Logic Studio and a load of VST's - These bad boys can create some seriously mind bending sounds. I cant rave enough about Logic its amazing! On the monitoring side of things i'm using Alesis M1 620 Active speakers which are a great quality for the price. Dj wise i couldn't live without my mkIII cdj1000's & DJM800. The DJM800 is soooooooooo good, it should be made the law to have one at every club!

Whats your favorite piece of studio equipment to work with and why?

I now cant live without my Mac so i think it would have to be that. Its so bad that i even tuck it under my pillow at night........... only joking....... honest. In the future though i would love to get my hands on some hardware synths and have a play.

You recently did a collab with Rodi Style, on the tune Cider Tone Silly, what other producers would you like to work with in the future?

My dream collaboration would be with Marcel Woods as everything that man produces is just golden! Another producer i'm hoping to work with this year is BK, he has won many an award this year for his productions and rightfully so. Rodi is also on my hit list this year and as soon as he's got his studio set up sorted we'll be seeing the follow up to Cider Tone Silly. Oh and incase you guys were wondering where the hell we got the name "Cider Tone Silly" from its not just because i'm a cider drinking Herefordian, its actually an anagram of our names!

You are playing at the upcoming Sundissential Ultimate Classics Experience, a gig that most djs would kill their own parents for, what can people except to hear with your set?

Filth, filth, filth, utter filth and a bit more filth thrown in. Its going to be a massive night with some real blasts from the past such as Tall Paul, John Kelly and Luv Dup i cant wait!

Whats been your favorite djing experience thus far?

My all time favourite experience was A+E @ The Crystal Rooms on the Nukleuz Tour night. I warmed up for Andy Farley and i've never seen anything like it since - Peoples faces squashed up against the glass of the dj box, unbelievable faces being pulled, screams, sweat and tears! It was like England scoring in a world cup final! I still have the video of it all somewhere but i think it should be X rated.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you like to play?

If i had the chance to play anywhere in the world it would have to be Dance Valley or Sensation in Holland. The atmosphere at each event looks out of this world! To have the opportunity to be up on stage would be something to behold and would never be beaten.

With vinyl on the up and down and digital slowing taking over, what is your take on the whole "vinyl vs digital" debate?

I never thought i'd see the day that i would play only cd's but the time has come. I very rarely buy vinyl now and if i do i rip it straight to cd. There's so many plusses to digital, vinyl cant compete in this digital age. For a start my girlfriend can now actually lift my record bag haha and second with digital you can basically remix a track live, i'd like to see you do that with vinyl.

Top 5 tunes in your box at the moment

  1. Kamui - Electro Slut
  2. Evo D & Maxwell - Camel Toe
  3. Daley - Licked Out
  4. Vandall - Stereophonic
  5. Neil C - Electron Tick

Top 6 all time favorite tunes

  1. Humate - Love Stimulation
  2. Ian M - Crazy Pills
  3. Cortina - Music Is Moving
  4. RR Fierce - Rock Da Spot
  5. Ampire - Music For The Soul

Any last words?

We're in the cream!

Click here for Neil C's Mix
Click here for tracklisting.

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