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Finishing off July's interviews we have none other then the king of filth Grady G.. Coming all the way from Adelaide, Austrailia, Grady's style of relentless, hard as nails NRG has been ripping up the airwaves all over the world, with releases on such labels as Vicious Circle, Deprivation, Spin Hard, Nosebleed, Iglo. Oktane and, The Beat Ranch Digital just to name a few. Now with out any further ado...

The Beat Ranch proudly presents, Grady G.

Welcome Grady, Your are no stranger to The Beat Ranch, since your remix of True Darkness ripped through the NRG charts on all the way to #1 for 4 weeks straight. For those who do not know where abouts are you from?

Lil Old Adelaide in Australia. Very chilled back state. Love it here..

How long ago did you get into clubbing, and what is the scene like currently there?

I got into it around 2000. Had a friend drag me along to a big event here in Adelaide, and loved it since. The scene is like every where else at the moment. It's all in a bit of a low but ya stil get some rocking nights and cranking parties every so often.

What came first for you, DJing or producing?

Producing came first for me. I never wanted to be a DJ. I just enjoyed producing my own music, and had always hoped to be a punter in a large crowd and hearing one of my tunes dropped in. That was a goal of mine for a long time, and I managed to achieve it. Which was wicked, thoroughly enjoyed it and well worth while.

Can you give us a run down of your studio? What is your main arsonal of gear?

I aint got much in there, just a PC. I don't use any hardware at all. just running 'Fruity Loops 7XXL Studio Edition.' also use 'Reason' and 'Cool Edit Pro'. It's all a pretty simple set up really. but it works for me.

Your style of hard house/nrg is quite unique, who or what have been your production influences?

Well when I first started it was metal and grindcore that was a huge influence in my productions, still is really. I can't really narrow it down to one person that influenced me. It was whoever produced a hard as nails tune. The kind that makes ya wana screw ya face up and stomp a whole in the floor... hahaha Any extreme type of music has always been an influence to me.

You have had quite a few releases on digital lables as well as vinyl, what do you prefer, vinyl or digital?

I'd have to say vinyl, as its always good to see a finished product and hold it in ya hand. Add it to the collection, but it seems as though digital is the way we are heading these days. Just as long as my music is getting out there and people are enjoying it then im happy either way.

Speaking of releases, when can people expect the next Grady G release?

Well, I've got a remix of Paul Glazby's 'Hostile' which is due for release on 'Vicious Circle' in the not too distant future. I've also got a tune 'Operate Da Mixer' coming out on 'Spinhard' quite soon also. A few other things in the pipeline but no others set in concrete yet.

With some artist's producing a vast amount of other genres, have you ever produceed anything other then NRG?

I've dabbled alot in other genres. Nothing that I take too seriously. I play around with a bit of Techno, Schranz, Hardcore, Electro an a lil bit of Hip Hop on the odd occasions. Usually if I am producing I tend to want to spend my time doing brutal NRG sounds.

On to Djing questions, Can you remember your first record? If so what was it, and do you still have it?

Yeh I can, the first one was 'You Have Control' by Casper and Karim. Fucking love that tune and its still one of my faves.

What has been your some of your favorite DJing experieces so far?

Going to the UK 3 times in the last 2 years was a wicked experience. Also making it to Ireland and Finland. I always enjoy going to New Zealand (Auckland) to catch up with the 'Bezerk Boys' and playing thier events is a fantastic experience. All the great people I've met and the friends I've made, the parties ive played, the places ive seen. Theres just so many good experiences to name. My first show at 'Storm' UK was a real eye opener, as was my first show at 'Bezerk' NZ.

Where has been your favorite place to visit, while playing out?

New Zealand and UK for sure. Both have great people and rocking parties to attend.

What do you like to do on your spare of time? If any..

Catch up with friends, produce more tunes and sleep.

Any last words

Yeah! 'Rock The Fuck On' and enjoy the mix. Sorry its been so long people.

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